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21.9.2018← Takaisin

Jyrki Lukkarinen, Ville Viita, Lars Fresker, Jens Jahren, Carl Henning Johnsen, Torbjørn Bongo


We take a stand on the important thing: how the working time of the Nordic officers should be protected.


It is important to implement the Europe Union Working Time Directive and common working time law. This can also be done  by agreements. For example in Sweden and Norway there is the same agreement for all employees in the Defence Forces – civilians, officers and soldiers/sailors. The agreements lean and is based on good leadership. In a agreement we can have national exceptions, but basis must be that working environment  regulations are  the same  for all defence personnel in Nordic countries.


We must focus in particular on operational work and exercises. Calculated working time should be increased, otherwise employees will not have time to recover. As an example in Finland, there is a problem with the ships which are doing operational work. The days last 16-18 hours but working time is calculated only 7.45 hours per day.

It is also question about recruiting people to Defence Forces. We in the security sector are very committed to our work, but we also need to protect our members and ourselves from working too much. We must work together with the employer to protect the employee through good agreements on working time and working condition, these need to be adjusted to the defence force task and make the organization able to conduct exercises, operations and guard duty.


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Norges Offisersforbund, N
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HOD (Hovedorganisationen af Officerer i Danmark), DK
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